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California Hotel Investments

We are expert at Operating Hotel Investments, our global portfolio of hotel investments are strategically placed in high growth areas. If you are interested in investing in a Hotel project but need assistance with management, call us today to find out about the hotel management services we can offer you that are highly competitive.

Our affiliates at HTL Hospitality Advisors have been in the hotel Investment brokerage business for over five decades. They specialize in Hotel Brokerage and Consulting services for the Hospitality Industry.


CASA HOTELS is a private equity group that specializes in Emerging Markets Hospitality Investment. CASA HOTELS Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ajit Bhakta was born in Zambia, and has been part of the movement to bring the hospitality investment world to Africa. Mr. Bhakta as a young man believes Africa to be one of the most unique and prosperous lands in the world. Both Ajit Bhakta and Veno Nathraj have team up as Founders of CASA HOTELS to develop a new brand of hotels on the PAN African continent which is called HAMPSHIRE HOTEL.

Both Mr. Bhakta and Mr. Nathraj were born in Africa and migrated to the United States. After studying and spending most of their lives in the US in the hospitality industry, they thought it would be a great idea to bring some of their knowledge back to their home countries with a fresh new idea of Hampshire Hotels. CASA HOTELS which owns Four large pieces of land in South Africa has entitled all to become Hampshire Hotels and Hampshire Hotel Extended Stay concepts.

The Four Pieces of Land for CASA is located in:

  • Port Elizabeth
  • Midrand
  • Ballito
  • Umhlganga

To Learn More about this Investment Opportunity Call
Veno Nathraj at 909-215-6447