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About Us

Nathsons Hospitality- Hotel Management & Investment

Nathsons Hospitality is a hotel management company located in Southern California has been developing strategic management techniques to help optimize our investors needs. A hotel is a very unique asset, while investing in real estate as well as a complex business, the hotel industry has become even more complicated with such systems like GDS ( Global Distribution Systems) and Human Resources cost rising over the past years. But Nathsons Hospitality has Partnered up with some of the best IT systems to optimize inventory distribution and decrease the cost of Human Resource but maximizing our employees potential through professional development. 

Strategic Marketing and Sales has need the key to increasing our business over time, but keeping our guest and investors as well as our employees happy has helped us build a strong organization with loyal customers. Our Portfolio of Hotels and other Investments are always growing and going to new heights. Our Investors always enjoy a good RIO (Return on Investment).

Nathsons Hospitality believes transparency is very important to help our investors grow their portfolio to help them make the best decision for their next investment. Our honest business practices help ensure ethical and moral behavior throughout our organization. Nathsons Hospitality has always employed an external auditor and accounting firm to reconcile our books to ensure no errors as well as help our investors for tax purposes.

We always are looking for joint-ventures that has upside potential. Nathsons Hospitality believes in adding value to the assets and hotel properties it manages. Our goal it to help our investors maximize the investment potential and increase their market value. Investing in hotels and the hospitality industry has been a key in Nathsons Portfolio for the has two decades. Nathsons Hospitality has experience in managing Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Mobile Home Parks, Casinos, Bars, Apartments, and other like businesses.

If your are a business own or your interested in investing in the hospitality industry Nathsons Hospitality might be able to help you with your business needs. We have many employees with extensive experience in many industries. We will never take a deal unless Nathsons Hospitality can add value to the investor and their investment. 

Nathsons Hospitality is a family-owned and run hotel management, development and investment company. We bring a unique approach to hospitality-by creating and adding value to our assets.

Born and raised in South Africa, Charmaine Nathraj moved with her husband Veno and two kids Yatish and Yashnee to the US in 1987. The kids were 4 years and 2 years old when Charmaine started to manage a small 19-room motel in Riverside, California while her husband worked as a real estate broker specializing in the acquisitions and disposition of properties for clients.

Charmaine liked the hotel business and the opportunity to meet new people from different places and she had the aptitude to make this a family business and a career. She also realized that the limited-service hotel property gave her the career path she desired; with continuing education and conference attendance through AAHOA and other professional development groups. She developed a management company with a strong business model which today employs hundreds of people around Southern California while working with a select group of investors. She was the recipient of the following awards.

Awards Outline for Charmaine Nathraj

  • Best of the Best Managers of the Year Award-InterContinental Hotels
  • Torch Bearer Award-InterContinental Hotel
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Excellence Award -InterContinental Hotels
  • Best Renovated Hotel Award -InterContinental Hotels
  • Outstanding Woman Hotelier of the Year Award- AAHOA
  • Directors Award-Best Western International
  • Best Rehabilitation and Renovation Award - City of San Bernardino
  • Best Rehabilitation and Renovation Award - City of Tulare

Charmaine firmly believes in the H.I.T formula in management of assets. H.I.T stands for the following:
H= Honesty
I = Integrity
T= Transparency

Her husband Veno Nathraj firmly believes in women's empowerment and plays an important role as a member of the support team and her eldest son Yatish Nathraj plays an equally important role in research and development. She also works with a select group of investors and her employees, who are her pillar of support and to whom she gives the most credit for the growth of her company.

Charmaine was instrumental in encouraging and supporting her husband Veno Nathraj to start an international hotel investment company in South Africa called Casa Hotels. Casa develops, manages and franchises hotels in South Africa and select African countries throughout the continent of Africa.

To contact Nathsons, please call 714-998-1085.